My name is Calvin Hodgson, I am a student, TEFL teacher, librarian, traveler and contrarian currently residing in the City of Chester. This blog you have stumbled upon is where I post my thoughts and opinions on everything that interests me. I aspire to go on to complete a Masters and PhD in order to work as a lecturer in politics, international relations, and political philosophy and so here you will find the early editions of what will hopefully one day become far more sophisticated ideas. My three deepest principles; free thought, free enterprise, and free speech, have inspired me for many years now and here is where I intend to live up to them, and earn the privileged to use them.

My other great love which will likely be mentioned little in these musings is poetry, to which I can ascribe the title of this blog. The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam (specifically the translation by Richard Le Gallienne) is one of my favorite pieces of literature, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone outgoing enough to have found this little blog of mine.

Nor idle I who speak it, nor profane,
This playful wisdom growing out of pain;
How many midnights whitened into morn
Before the seeker knew he sought in vain.

You want to know the Secret–so did I,
Low in the dust I sought it, and on high
Sought it in awful flight from star to star,
The Sultan’s watchman of the starry sky.

Up, up, where Parwin’s hoofs stamp heaven’s floor,
My soul went knocking at each starry door,
Till on the stilly top of heaven’s stair,
Clear-eyed I looked–and laughed–and climbed no more.

Of all my seeking this is all my gain:
No agony of any mortal brain
Shall wrest the secret of the life of man;
The Search has taught me that the Search is vain.